What Does GMO Mean?

What does GMO mean?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.

It is when science alters an organism, such as a plant, on a genetic level at the DNA structure itself, for purposes of eliciting a desired trait.

Original Purpose

Science originally genetically engineered crops or produce for “good” reasons. (This includes wheat, corn, soy, and many other grains and non-grain food items.) This is to make them possess traits such as to resist pest and virus, to tolerate herbicides and pesticides, to exist and thrive in harsh environments. Bio engineers also intended them to have longer shelf lives and even to be more nutritionally healthy.

What started as a noble cause, however, has resulted in devastating effects on human beings.

What Does GMO Mean http://glutenintoleranceinformation.com/what-does-gmo-mean/From Good to Worse

In altering the DNA of an organism, it is not possible for us to know if there are other things that change within it that may render it harmful in some way to other species to which it had not been previously harmful to.


Manufacturers first introduced commercially grown genetically modified foods on the market to consumers in the 1990’s. The United States FDA, in 1992 specifically, declared them as “not inherently dangerous.”

But, the time of this writing, at least 64 countries required labeling of products as genetically modified organism, however the United States still does not require it.


We cannot know exactly whether these genetically altered foods indeed don’t have any effect on the health of human beings, especially if consumed for long time periods.

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For better health, the best way is still the natural way. Go for 100 percent organic because otherwise, you would be compromising your health. If you care about yourself especially your loved ones, avoid GMO foods at all costs.