The Gluten Free Bible (Book)

Featuring: The Gluten Free Bible by Tate Hunt (Paperback book/ cookbook)

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The Gluten Free Bible

The Gluten Free Bible (Paperback)

by Tate Hunt

5 Stars



The Gluten-Free Bible offers more than 100 recipes for food dishes that do not contain gluten, including pizza, cookies, and cakes. Whether you are avoiding gluten for medical reasons or because you feel better without it, the cookbook will instruct you on using healthful ingredients in your cooking. Try easy recipes with quinoa, chickpea flour, and rice noodles.

The cookbook’s 22-page introduction helps you understand gluten, how to read a food product label, how to stock your kitchen cabinets with gluten-free products, and how to make gluten-free flour mixes. You’ll find photos of finished food dishes, plus photo help with tricky procedures, such as shaping gluten-free dough. There are chapters of kid-friendly recipes, baked goods, and desserts. Many of the recipes are dairy-free, too.

Here is a sampling of the recipes in the Gluten-Free Bible:

  • Apple Crepes
  • Cheese Souffle
  • Southwestern Meatloaf
  • Cajun Chicken & Rice
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Mixed Berry Crisp

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