Gluten Free Banana Bread

Gluten Free Banana Bread is just the healthiest and yummiest. I have Celiac so yummy gluten free treats are really important to me. Gluten free breads and treats oftentimes come out, well, just icky. Dry and crumbly or too moist and sticky. I love banana bread so much as does my gluten-free-daughter, Stella. We like the banana bread from Whole Foods, but she doesn’t like nuts and picks around them. We knew we needed our own gluten free banana bread recipe!

I came up with this recipe by simply experimenting one night. It came out absolutely delicious the first time so I never changed it. This is one of the gluten free treats that I make regularly. Oh, and it is incredibly easy to make too!

Easy Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe

Gluten Free Banana Bread


1. In a large mixing bowl, mash up two bananas.  Mash them as much as you can, but it’s okay for a few “chunks” of banana to remain.

2. Prepare cake mix in the same bowl with the bananas according to instructions, but substitute 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of almond extract for the vanilla extract.

3. Grease the bottom (only) of a loaf pan.

4. Pour mixture into the loaf pan and bake anywhere between 40-50 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that the time may vary depending on your oven and the bananas can influence cooking time too.

5. Your banana bread is done when you can stick a toothpick in it and it comes out clean.

6. Allow it to cool a bit in the pan. You can start to eat it while it is still a bit warm and I highly recommend this as it is so incredibly delicious when warm.

I hope you enjoy this super-easy gluten free recipe!

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